Why is it important to travel?

Hidden and serene. Our own discovery in Nice, France. Forever thankful to have followed that narrow path on the side road.

Life is an opportunity to travel. Whenever and however the chance shows itself, we must travel or aspire to do make it happen. If you’re in awe of all the wonderful landscapes and fantastic spots around the globe that you see online, there are few reasons you should go see for yourself.

The pursuit of something more, takes us on a journey of transformation. Traveling takes you to places to find fresh memories, experiences and outlooks. It helps to escape the everyday and simply come into a more positive state of mind. It ignites a craving to travel even more.

Is traveling your passion, or something that you come across your job? Is it time to take a vacation? Find a reason, any one of these but you should travel for the many opportunities it provides!


Travel enables you to know more than you know. You can only learn and know so much going around in the same routine and the place where you live and were born. Now we all know there’s so much digital content to consume, but do you really want to miss out on the real life engagement and experience? By traveling you make memories that will be lifelong. You have your own account of the world which is unique to your eyes than the Instagram feed, Facebook story or Pinterest goals – or any history book.

What’s most interesting is that the more you travel, you leave being more intrigued by the world. Visiting places and meeting people, there are even more questions if you think about it. Maybe you met someone and wonder what happened to their story? Are your ways of doing things just right once you’ve seen their ways? There’s still more to discover within about one’s true strengths and believes, and also new cultures.Travel inspires us to question our own way of life, and become an even better version of ourselves. Or maybe find new appreciation and comprehension of your own culture.

My love for Delft, Netherlands is for the joy in my heart and photos in my camera that I trustingly capture on every trip. City of the blue pottery, petite souvenir shops and offcourse canals!


Traveling is part of Islamic heritage if only we remember more about that. Too many scholars, Sufis and Prophets took spiritual journeys to seek knowledge, discover secrets within their soul, and reach a higher level of spirituality. They had to detach from their own little worlds to see more of what the world offered.


Traveling takes us to wonderful places! It gives us the chance to escape and find raw moments to really feel what ones feeling hidden inside. Looking at the mountains, pain and hurt might just fall away like you never felt that weight on your shoulders. In the woods, you could find that strength to deal with the harsh events in life. The change to monotonous life has the power to strip us of holding grievances and gripping emotions. Finding new mantras makes getting back to life more inspiring andoptimistic.

When you travel, dunya and material things in our life loosen their hold on us and you realize it’spossible to live away from all of it. The world is such a vast array of possibilities, indeed, that there’s a different style to live the same kind of life. Are we more creative to solve everyday problems without the comforts we are used to? Being away from the safe haven that each of us has created, you find yourself more vulnerable but also more sharp and alert.


Peace at home. Popular Pier at Scheveningen, Netherlands

Traveling allows you to venture into unexpected spiritual turns. When your senses are awakened and soul intrigued, only in such moments can you find yourself and explore your spirit. Being closer to nature, the beauty soothes the heart. Finding a connection tothe soul, brings peace.

Experiencing the delightful sights of the world, a part of the journey always also surprises and teaches me a lesson of life. Getting back from every new place, I am more aware of my surroundings and Allah’s blessings; thus more grateful. Spending a day visiting a city, I am more concerned and mindful of the prayer times – trying to make Salah on time. I realize how easily prayers slip into every day. It also inspires me that if I can pray on time in odd places, there really isn’t much to miss on any prayer on a normal day.

You know what traveling does? It takes you out of your own place and gives you the prospects to find your inner path. Your adventures lead to personal growth and transformation. You can never reach a higher spiritual place, unless you explore and discover beyond what you know. Traveling helps in finding our own path to individual spirituality and values.

“We are so fond of being out among nature, because it has no opinions about us” Let me tell you, we drove quite a few miles to go see this haunted beautiful nature in Luxembourg!


The Islamic world has a blooming history of architecture, philosophy, and art. We really should be traveling much more especially as Muslims. Visiting the places which hold the marks of great moments in our past and depict the stories of our high and low times, brings us closer to our roots. It broadens our understanding of the deen and brings consciousness in our Imaan.

Be sure to see the tombs and sites of Holy Prophets in Jordan, with a trip to the Dead Sea. What’s a better place to focus on your inner self than being in Uzbekistan which has been an interest for Sufism? If you go to Iraq, the historic site of Qarbala reminds us of events that still have the power to shake us to our core. There is so much to captivate our senses in Turkey and Spain. It’s also rich in knowledge of our great dynasties, be it the Ottomans, Mughals, Seljuks or Ummayads. There is just so much to learn and admire if only we have the will and interest to do so.


We are encouraged and reminded to reflect on the Earth and Heavens in Quran. We are in fact asked to see and appreciate the beauty created by Allah and ponder about these blessings on Earth. Travel is meant to be part of our life, as we are to take the most special journey of Hajj at least once in our life. Going for Umrah is another trip to be taken whenever we can.

‘Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift’ And indeed I was so much more gifted standing and seeing the beauty of these high mountains in Nordkette, Austria. It also made me feel beautiful, verily, I am His creation.

Why I love to travel?

I love the excitement that I feel early morning getting ready. To discover something new in a new place and heading out to explore and learn what that city is all about. Taking photos of gorgeous scenes, not to capture the beauty because I wouldn’t be able to accomplish that most of the time. But really to remember the moments of wonder, amazement and joy that I felt and smile at home thinking of the memories of travel.

I really hope you enjoy my first travel post, because I certainly had too much fun writing it. The best part was going back in time and looking at the photos of my travels, to select these captures to share with you. Each of these are witness to amazing moments…

Would love love to know what you love about traveling? Comment below, what travel topics should I write about and what would you like to read about these voyages of mine!

Travel love,


3 thoughts on “Why is it important to travel?

  1. Noora says:

    Great post!
    I love how travelling extensively helps with broadening your mindset and gives you new levels to improve with regards to self-development. It is a blessing and a true ni’mah. Alhamdulilah!


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